Residents of Pa. Town Capture Cattle on the Loose

Cattle roundups are mostly a thing of the past, and this is western Pennsylvania, not the Wild West.

None of that mattered Thursday, when a resident called to report a herd of cattle stampeding through her yard.

Mayor Bill Boyd was first on the scene, honking his horn at the nine bulls, cows and calves that were plodding along, barely 100 yards from Main Street in the borough of just over 400 people about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

"Two of them had pretty good horns on them," Boyd told the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat. "It's the first time I've known a mayor to get involved in cattle wrangling."

Boyd got eight of the critters to stop, but the ninth just kept moseying toward the main drag.

Conemaugh Township Police Officer Nathan Claycomb joined the mayor in trying to head the stubborn animal off at the pass.

Then a handful of residents joined in, and together they managed to get the wandering herd corralled on a nearby field.

Boyd said he didn't know who owned the cattle.

"I'm going to assume everything worked out favorably," the mayor said.