Rescuers Find Bodies of Sewer Workers Washed Away By Storms

The body of a second sewer worker who was caught beneath the streets during a heavy rain was recovered Saturday from the Mississippi River, authorities said.

The body of Joe Harlow, 34, of Plainview, was found about 4:15 p.m. near a spillway where a storm sewer line drains into the river, Ramsey County Sheriff's Cmdr. Joe Paget said. On Friday evening, crews found the body of Dave Yasis, 23, of Maplewood, in the river near the same spot.

Harlow, Yasis and six others were working on a sewer restoration project Thursday about 150 feet below ground when a storm swept through and they were told to evacuate.

Six workers made it out safely; two were lifted out in a bucket by a crane, while the others got out on a staircase.

Harlow was married with four children. Paget said he hoped the discovery "helps this family put closure to a tragic incident."

State workplace safety investigators are checking the training and evacuation procedures of the men's employer, the Lametti & Sons construction firm.