Report: Teen Calls Drug Search Invasive

New Orleans police are investigating after a teen arrested on a narcotics charge complained that the officers were invasive during a drug search, the Times-Picayune reports.

Tredell Smith, 17, was arrested March 11 with his friend Danielson White. Smith told investigators with the police department's Public Integrity Bureau that the officer pulled down the teen's pants and underwear and swiped a hand between his naked buttocks, according to the report.

Officers allegedly did the same to White.

"He swiped like a Visa," White told the paper.

White, who was charged with possession of firearms, marijuana and crack-cocaine, said the search — conducted in broad daylight on a public street with bystanders — was humiliating, according to the paper.

The arresting officers have denied the allegation, according to Sgt. Joseph Narcisse, commander of the NOPD's public information division.

White and Smith deny the drug and weapons allegations.

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