Report: Secret Jackson 'Lovechild' Attended Memorial

A dancer thought to be Michael Jackson's secret lovechild was given a seat in the front row at the King of Pop's Los Angeles memorial service, The Sun reported on Wednesday.

Devastated Omer Bhatti, 25, sat with his head bowed and wore dark glasses alongside the star's grieving brothers and sisters during the poignant tribute two weeks ago.

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The British tabloid report has fueled suspicion that he is Jackson's fourth child and childhood photos show an uncanny likeness to Prince Michael II, 7 — known as Blanket — the youngest of the star's three "official" children.

Michael Jackson, who died last month at age 50, is said to have told pals in 2004 that Norwegian Bhatti was born following a one-night stand in 1984. Bhatti is now believed to be seeking a DNA test to discover the truth.

Yesterday, Bhatti's family in the Norwegian capital of Oslo refused to rule out Jackson as his father.

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