Report: Second Jackson Autopsy Completed by Private Expert

A second autopsy conducted by a private pathologist on Michael Jackson's body was completed Saturday, the Los Angeles Times reported, at the family's request.

Jackson's family sought the autopsy through a private expert after the Los Angeles Coroner's Office said Friday that its autopsy had yet to determine a cause of death for the pop music icon.

The Coroner's Office told FOX News that such a move is quite unusual, but authorities have no problems with the family's decision.


Jackson family members reportedly have been frustrated and angry over what they see as a lack of information about Jackson's final hours and the authorities' delay of up to six weeks in determining Jackson's cause of death at age 50.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, a friend of the family, said after a news conference Saturday in Chicago that the family has specific questions about what role a Texas cardiologist played in the singer's final hours, the Associated Press reported. Family members also weren't happy that the cause of death was deferred while toxicology tests are completed.

Jackson's Family Angry Over Lack of Info

Sources at the Coroner's Office have told FOX News that they are confident that they are conducting their investigation by the book, and they are expediting the forensic tests as quickly as they can.

The Coroner's Office, which released the body to the family late Friday night, had not been told who the Jackson family was hiring to conduct its independent autopsy.

Investigators Surprised by Jackson's Apparent Health

Jackson was pronounced dead Thursday afternoon at UCLA Medical Center after he stopped breathing at the rented Los Angeles mansion where he was staying. The family has said he likely suffered a cardiac arrest, and there has been much speculation that prescription drugs Jackson was taking may have been to blame.

Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist who was hired by Jackson's concert promoter to oversee the singer's daily care, is talking Saturday with police, but investigators have stressed that he is not the focus of a criminal investigation at this time.

Ed Chernoff, an attorney representing Murray, told FOX News the doctor was meeting Saturday afternoon with investigators. Murray has been cooperating with the investigation, Chernoff said.

Murray rode with Jackson in the ambulance to the hospital on Thursday. Since then, he has never left Los Angeles or been out of contact with police, Chernoff said.

The Rev. Al Sharpton says the Jackson family is considering a series of simultaneous global celebrations and other ideas as they decide how to commemorate the life of the King of Pop.

Sharpton said Saturday he has spoken with Michael Jackson's brothers Jackie and Jermaine and plans to meet with the family Sunday at their request.

Sharpton says the family is frustrated that so much of the media attention has focused on Michael Jackson's problems and they want to make sure he's remembered for his spectacular contributions to music and culture.

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