Report: Producer of Shakira, Estefan Hits Disappears After Murder Attempt

Latin pop star Fabio "Estefano" Salgado on Tuesday filed a lawsuit claiming his manager disappeared with $2.8 million of his earnings after the star was shot in the head and left for dead, the Miami Herald reports.

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The lawsuit claims Jose Luis Gil, who has produced hits for Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony and Shakira, has "extensive ties" to the alleged gunman, Francisco Oliveira, but does not directly accuse Gil of involvement in the murder attempt.

Oliveira, who was arrested on May 26, a day after the shooting, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. He was a handyman for Estefano's recording studio and home.

Police believe he entered Estefano's waterfront Miami mansion and shot him twice as the producer begged for his life.

Oliveira's defense attorney, Frank Rubio, called the connection between his client and Gil far-fetched: "I don't know the connection other than he was an employee" at the studio.

Gil may be in Spain, said Neil Taylor, a criminal defense attorney hired by Estefano.