Report: Michael Moore Takes Ground Zero Responders to Cuba for Medical Treatment

Film director Michael Moore has taken Ground Zero responders to Cuba for medical treatment in a bid to show that Fidel Castro's socialized medicine is better than health care in the U.S., the New York Post reports.

The director of "Roger & Me" and "Fahrenheit 9/11" took the responders to Cuba as part of his latest film, "Sicko," which examines American drug companies.

The move has angered some who say that Moore is using the ailing Ground Zero workers as "pawns."

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"He's using people that are in a bad situation and that's wrong; that's morally wrong," Jeff Endean, a former SWAT commander from Morris County, N.J., who spent a month at Ground Zero and suffers from respiratory problems, told the New York Post.

But others say the workers were pleased with their Cuban visit.

"From what I heard through the grapevine, those people that went are utterly happy," John Feal, who runs the Fealgood Foundation to help raise money for responders, told the Post. "They got the Elvis treatment."