Report: Man Says He Was Forced to Sit in JetBlue Flight Bathroom for 3 Hours

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It wasn’t such a “happy jetting” experience for a New York man when, he claims, JetBlue forced him into the bathroom for three hours of a cross-country flight.

Gokhan Mutlu says it all happened Feb. 23, when a flight attendant volunteered to sit in a “jump seat” so Mutlu could make it onto the flight headed from San Diego to New York, according to the New York Post.

About 90 minutes into the flight, however, Mutlu says he got a rude awakening when the pilot informed him that the flight attendant was uncomfortable in the jump seat and would be taking the regular seat back, the paper reported.

According to the suit, the pilot went on to inform Mutlu that the jump seat was "for personnel only" and forced him to sit in the bathroom instead, the Post reported.

Now suing Jetblue for $2 million, Mutlu says he was "mortified, disgraced, degraded and shamed,” according to the Post.

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