Report: Man Matching Suspect Sketch Ruled Out in Search for Madeleine McCann

A man matching a sketch of a suspect believed to be involved in the disappearance of British toddler Madeleine McCann has been ruled out of the investigation, according to a report.

McCann's parents released the sketch earlier this week, drawn up from details provided by a new witness staying near the hotel in Portugal where the family was vacationing when Madeleine vanished last May.

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Police interviewed the man, Joaquim Jose Marques, a pig farmer with straggly hair, protruding teeth and a thick moustache. Marques lives in a village eight miles from the location of Madeleine's disappearance.

Clarence Mitchell, a spokesman for the McCann family, said they were not aware that the man has been traced and a private detective agency was following up on dozens of leads.

Mitchell said the man's description matches one given by family friend Jane Tanner, who claimed to have seen a man carrying a child in his arms the night the 4-year-old disappeared.

Gail Cooper, 50, described a 38- to 45-year-old man with sallow skin, lank dark hair, a distinctive droopy moustache and large teeth who reportedly speaks broken English, according to the Daily Telegraph report.

Cooper said she saw a man wearing a bomber jacket and khakis walking around the resort complex in Praia da Luz. She said the man even showed up at her door and claimed to be collecting money for an orphanage.