Report: Ledger May Have Secret Love Child

Recent allegations of a love child by Heath Ledger may further divide the late actor's multimillion dollar estate, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Ledger allegedly got a then 25-year-old woman pregnant during a secret relationship they had when he was 17.

The alleged mother reportedly discovered she was pregnant after they parted ways. She was allegedly living with another man at the time, the Telegraph reported.

His uncle, Hadyn Ledger, told the Telegraph: "There is a real possibility that Heath was the father."

If he is confirmed as the father, Matilda Rose, Ledger's 2-year-old daughter with Hollywood actress Michelle Williams, may wind up having to share his estate with his other child.

A row over the handling of Ledger's 2003 will, which did not include Matilda Rose because it was written before she was born, has exposed a rift between his father and uncles.

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