Report: Iranian Court Orders 'Stingy' Husband to Buy Wife 124,000 Roses

A "stingy" Iranian man has received a court order forcing him to buy his neglected wife 124,000 red roses, the Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

After ten years of nuptial confinement, the wife — known only by her first name, Hengameh — decided to claim her mahr, or dowry, as a way of making a point reguarding her husbands cheap tendencies, the Telegraph reported.

"Shortly after marriage I realized that Shahin was very cheap. He even refused to pay for my coffee if we went to a cafe or restaurant," she told Iranian newspaper Etemad.

One long-stemmed rose in the Islamic Republic costs about 20,000 rials, or a little over $1.50. So the entire arrangement will cost about $265,000.

Iranian officials have seized Hengameh's husband's apartment — worth 600 million rials or about $64,460 — until he has finished the task of buying all 124,000 roses for his deprived wife, the Telegraph reported.

The husband, identified as Shahin, denies being cheap. He claims that he can only afford five roses a day, he complained that it was "her billionaire friends who had put such ideas in her head."

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