Report: Hillary Clinton Wants Bill to Restore U.S. Image

If his wife is elected president next year, Bill Clinton says he wouldn't mind playing the role of U.S. ambassador to the world.

The 61-year-old told the was in London this week, and told the U.K. Guardian that his wife, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, has said she'd ask him to "go out and immediately restore America's standing, go out and tell people America was open for business and cooperation again."

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And in a separate interview with the BBC, he says he can imagine himself best helping his potential commander-in-chief wife by helping to "restore America's standing in the world and build more allies and get us to work together again."

"You can see with the recent success of the North Korea nuclear effort that when America moves from unilateralism to working through and with others it works pretty well," he said.

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Handicapping the race, he favored his wife. Of course.

"The average American knows instinctively that we have almost no problems in the world that we can solve all by ourselves," Bill Clinton told the Guardian. "And that, I think, is helping her candidacy, because people believe — I think rightly — that if she were elected she would quickly move to restore our standing in the world, and tell people there may be a few occasions when we have to do something on our own, but our strong preference is going to be to be cooperative."

Bill Clinton said the last eight years have "enrage[d] the world at the very moment when we had more support than we've had in recent memory, because of 9/11."