Report: Florida Mom Discovers Pornographic Photos of Local Schoolchildren on MySpace

A concerned Florida mother checking up on her teen daughter was shocked to discover raunchy photos of local schoolchildren on MySpace, reported Wednesday.

The mother, who was not identified, went straight to police with her discovery of the photos, which contained kids from Fletcher Middle School posing nude, in their underwear and in swimsuits, reported. Police said the photos are considered child pornography.

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“It's a horrible crime. It really is. There's really no excuse for child abuse on any level," Sgt. Tom Bingham told "It's a very difficult crime to investigate. It's very emotionally draining for investigators to have to sit and look at that and deal with that all day."

Cops have a suspect who posted the photos on the popular social networking site, but declined to reveal additional details, reported.

Fletcher Middle School is scheduled to hold an Internet safety forum later this month.