Report: Florida Boy, 11, Found With Marijuana Traded iPod for Gun

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Seminole County, Fla., police arrested an 11-year-old boy Friday after Woodlands Elementary School officials allegedly found marijuana and a gun in his back pack, MyFOX Orlando reported.

The school sent home a letter with students Monday afternoon explaining to parents what happened.

Jarrett Snipes, a fifth-grader who now has a mugshot, reportedly used an iPod that he had borrowed as a down payment for the gun, which he bought from another child.

School officials said they found the gun, which was not loaded, along with three small bags of marijuana and a window punch, a pen-sized tool used to easily break windows, inside Snipes' bag.

Snipes faces charges of possessing a concealed weapon, along with drug charges, MyFOX Orlando reported.

Snipes’ next-door neighbor, Arielle Sag, thinks the boy’s parents should be the ones in trouble.

"It shouldn't be the kids who should be in trouble," Sag told MyFOX Orlando. "I think it's the parents, because the parents should be around and should be a mentor."

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