Report: Explosion in Turkey Kills Four, Injures 25

An explosion in the popular Turkish Mediterranean resort town of Antalya killed four people and injured about 25 others Sunday, a local official said.

A Norwegian and a Ukrainian tourist were among the dead, private NTV television said, but local governor Fikret Dayioglu would not verify that report.

The blast occurred at a restaurant near a waterfall in the tourist area of Manavgat, Dayioglu said.

CountryWatch: Turkey

Initial assessments indicated that the blast was caused by an exploding gas canister, he told the state-owned Anatolia news agency.

Dayioglu said security forces were brought into the area and officials were working to determine the identities of the casualties.

Kurdish guerrillas, who have been fighting for autonomy in Turkey since 1984, have claimed responsibility for numerous attacks recently, and have repeatedly vowed to target Turkey's tourism industry.