Report: Disgraced Ex-Olympian Tim Montgomery Indicted on Heroin Charges

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Former 100-meter record holder Tim Montgomery has been indicted on heroin distribution charges, the Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk reported Thursday.

The 33-year-old sprinter was arrested Wednesday on a sealed indictment, accused of dealing more than 100 grams of heroin in the Middle Atlantic state of Virginia over the past year, according to the newspaper.

Montgomery was being held at the Portsmouth city jail, said Karin Johnson, public information officer for the Portsmouth sheriff's office. She said U.S. marshals brought him in Wednesday night.

Montgomery told the newspaper he knew nothing of the accusations and that his arrest was a "total surprise."

"You get caught up in the achievements," he said. "You get blinded and make really bad mistakes."

Montgomery is to be sentenced May 16 in a New York-based check-fraud conspiracy.

Montgomery, who pleaded guilty, admitted he helped his former coach, Olympic champion Steve Riddick, and others cash $1.7 million in stolen and counterfeit checks. He faces up to 46 months in prison.

Riddick is serving a five-year prison term. Montgomery's former companion, Olympic champion Marion Jones, is serving a six-month prison term for lying to investigators about the check-fraud scam and doping.

Montgomery won a gold medal in the 400 relay at the 2000 Olympics and a silver medal in the 400 relay at the 1996 Olympics.

In December 2005, Montgomery was banned from athletics for two years for doping and he retired. All of his performances after March 31, 2001 were wiped from the books.