Report: David Hasselhoff Rushed to Hospital for Alcohol Poisoning for Second Time in Five Months

David Hasselhoff’s struggles with alcohol seem to be far from over, as new reports claim the actor was rushed to the hospital this weekend after severe alcohol poisoning.

According to Radar Online, Hasselhoff was at home with his 17-year-old daughter Hayley and his male assistant when he appeared to be in physical danger. After allegedly drinking for more than a day, his daughter found him and frantically called her mother, who then had a friend call the authorities.

Hasselhoff, 57, recently finished taping his show “America’s Got Talent and has been “boozing heavily on vodka” ever since, a source told Radar.

Doctor: Sobriety for David Hasselhoff Could Take Years

The hospitalization is the second one in just five months – he was previously taken away by an ambulance in May. According to Radar, he has been hospitalized more than five times in the past few years for alcohol poisoning.

The “Baywatch” star was arrested in 2004 on DUI charges.

Sources told Radar that Hasselhoff has been in severe denial about his problem.

Representatives for the actor tell TMZ that the hospitalization stemmed from an ear infection. According to the Hasselhoff camp, he was being treated by his family doctor and was taking Antivert for the infection and Antabuse, which prevents alcoholics from drinking. But he claims the combination threw his equilibrium off and he went to the emergency room when the family doctor was unavailable.

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