Report: City Tries to Stop Drag-Queen Bingo

A Florida man is fighting to keep the drag queens calling bingo at his cafe, the Sarasota Herald Tribune reports.

The city of Sarasota told Louis Schultz, the owner of the Canvas Cafe, he would have to obtain a bingo license after neighbors complained about the noise his drag-queen callers made, the paper said.

"I don't think we should be allowing it to continue if they don't have the required license," City Attorney Robert Fournier told the Herald Tribune. "There are solutions that can be worked out there. They just have to adhere to the code requirements."

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But the drag queens don't understand the hullabaloo, the paper said.

"To me, it's mind-boggling," XuXu Fontana, drag-queen-bingo master of ceremonies, told the paper. "There are mud slides, a war and a presidential campaign going on, and drag-queen bingo is a problem."

Proceeds from drag-queen bingo benefit a local AIDS charity, the paper said.

Schultz on Tuesday was to learn whether the game would go on that evening, the paper reports.