Report: Christie Whitman's Daughter Likely to Run for U.S. House

Kate Whitman, daughter to former the former New Jersey governor and Bush administration EPA chief Christie Todd Whitman, likely will run for an open seat in Congress.

The news comes after an abrupt announcement by Rep. Mike Ferguson, who said he would not seek re-election New Jersey's 7th Congressional District, The Star-Ledger reports.

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Whitman, also a Republican, did not declare her candidacy, but told the paper that she is strongly considering the possibility, and GOP sources told the paper she has said she would run.

"It's definitely something I'm considering seriously with my family. It is an incredible opportunity to go to Washington and serve," said Kate Whitman, 30. "There are a couple of people I still need to talk to."

Whitman would face opposition in the June primary from at least five other Republican candidates.