Report: Cadaver Dogs Get Positive Hit in Home of Missing Mom Lisa Stebic

Police investigating the case of missing Illinois mom Lisa Stebic have relied upon far more than the human mind to help with the search.

The Naperville Sun reports that cadaver dogs used to identify dead bodies have been in the Stebic home, according to Plainfield Police Chief Donald Bennett, and they have made a positive hit.

The Sun reports that sources say that Stebic’s husband, Craig, allowed authorities to bring the dogs in on two occasions before a search warrant was executed at the home May 14. It is not clear whether the dogs made a positive hit on an article of clothing, a piece of furniture, an appliance or another item in the home, the newspaper reported.

Dogs like the ones used in missing persons cases like Lisa Stebic's are trained to identify the scent of decomposing human flesh. The reliability and accuracy of the dogs is judged by how much experience the dog has and the reputation of the trainer.

Lisa Stebic’s case has been classified as a missing persons investigation because she has not used her cell phone or credit cards since she was first reported missing by Craig Stebic almost six weeks ago.

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