Report: Brussels Security Footage May Show Missing Child Madeleine McCann

European authorities are studying security footage from a street camera in Brussels to determine whether or not a girl pictured in it is Madeleine McCann, a young British girl who went missing in Portugal last year, The U.K.'s Sky News reported.

The child in the video is around McCann's age and appears to look like her, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is accompanied by a dark-haired woman wearing a hijab head scarf, Sky News reported.

The images, which were released by The Sun newspaper, were handed over to police as well as McCann's parents Gerry and Kate McCann, Sky News said.

Since her disappearance, there have been sightings of McCann all around the world, Sky News said.

The current footage is under review, McCann Family Spokesman Clarence Mitchell told Sky News.

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