Report: British Grad Student Dead After Playing ‘American Pie’ Drinking Game

A young graduate student in the U.K. was found dead after taking part in a drinking competition inspired by an "American Pie" film, the Manchester Evening News reported Wednesday.

During an inquest into the death of 22-year-old David Reid, it was revealed that the bank worker and a friend were copying a scene from the film "American Pie 5: The Naked Mile," in which two college students take part in a drinking game called “Last Man Standing,” according to the Evening News. In the game, players drink until one of them drops.

Reid was carried to bed after saying he could not drink anymore. He was found dead hours later, the paper reported.

A blood-alcohol sample presented at the inquest showed Reid to be six to seven times over the legal drinking limit.

“Every shot David took was like another bullet,” the man’s father, Philip Reid, told the Evening News. “All the hard work he put in, through school, sixth form and university, was gone in an instant.”

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