Report: 800 Sex Line Number in Kids' Book Sends Librarians Scrambling

A group of Florida librarians scrambled Tuesday to find a series of children's books that contained an 800 telephone number to a sex line, reports.

Librarians at the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative sought out the out-of-print Magic Attic Club series after a parent who called the 800 number printed in the back of the book and got a sex line, complained. She checked out all the books available at her local branch after the library did nothing, the site reported.

"We're working tirelessly to find them all," Braulio Colon, a spokesman for the library system told "There's nothing inappropriate with the books. We're just going to tear out the page that has the phone number for the book club."

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The books include more than 30 titles targeting girls aged 9 to 12, the site reported. The company that publishes the books was sold to Marie Osmond in 2001 and shuttered in 2004, said.

"The phone company resold the number," a spokeswoman for Osmond told