Released Child Killer Moves to New Hampshire Town, Outrages Residents

New Hampton, N.H., residents are outraged they weren't told convicted child killer Raymond Guay moved to town two months ago.

Many showed up at Thursday's selectman's meeting.

Guay, who is 61, completed a 36-year prison term last fall for murdering a 12-year-old Nashua boy in 1973. The court ordered he live in New Hampshire for two years of supervised release.

Selectmen told residents the police chief told them in May that Guay was moving to town. The minutes of the nonpublic meeting were sealed and selectmen couldn't talk about it.

The Concord Monitor reported state Rep. Fran Wendelboe told the board that residents feel the selectmen and police chief betrayed them. She said residents deserved to know Guay was in town so they could avoid him.