Recap of October 5: La$t is Best

Neil was joined by Jim Rogers, president of; Mike Norman, publisher of Economic Contrarian Update; Joe Piscopo, entertainer extraordinaire and co-founder of Avellino Productions; and Molly de Ramel, Fox News Business Correspondent.

La$t is Be$t

History shows the last three months of the year is usually the best quarter of the year for stocks. But will history repeat itself this year?

Jim says yes, because Greenspan is panicking again and flooding the system with money. Plus there will be a hiatus in the war. The market hates the idea of war so peace will help. One stock he thinks will finish the year stronger regardless of what the overall market does is MSCI German Index (EWG). He owns it.

Mike says he's bullish on the market because of improving economic data, a decline in layoffs and a rise in exports. He owns and recommends Ford (F).

Molly says we'll finish strong - the end of the year we'll have gone into Iraq or the shock of the prospect of war will be priced into the market. In other words 'the waiting is the hardest part.' Once the wait is over, we'll see our "Santa Claus" rally.

Joe Piscopo says the clubs and performing arts centers that he's been playing have been virtually sold out. Are clubs and casinos still packing them in? He plays a big casino on October 19 in Washington State, so he'll let us know!

Winning with Losers

What's a better strategy, bargain hunting or buying stocks on a winning streak?

Here's a look at one of last quarter's biggest winners and losers.

First, the upside, telecom firm Nextel Communications (NXTL) bucking the trend by 155 percent. Different story for fiber optic maker Corning (GLW), which saw its stock price cut in half in the past three months. Would by either right now?

Jim thinks both stocks could probably be bought since things are getting better for both. He doesn't own neither.

Mike bets on weakness if he is bullish, however, the best performers now are the ones to bet on coming off the bottom. So he continues to go with telecom.

Molly says she gives her most recent read on main street investors - basically they hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Investors are just waiting for the markets to correct themselves -and most believe they will.

Joe says with this constantly fluctuating economy, it's safer to put your money toward a 'small picture' or entertainment type venture. In good times and bad, folks want to be entertained!

Head to Head

Neil says the Democrats are out of touch with America! While they may be shooting themselves in the foot, they may end up giving the market a much needed boost. Radio Talk Show Host Nancy Skinner says Neil is way out of touch.

FOX on the Spot

Mike predicts stocks rise as economy grows more than expected.

Molly thinks new Wall Street reforms won't fix a thing.

Joe Piscopo says Lautenberg beats Forrester and Jon Bon Jovi in the NJ Senate race.

Jim thinks Bush gets U.N. approval by appeasing Russia, France & China.

And Neil predicts Echostar's Charlie Ergen packs it up and quits bid for DirecTV, putting it once again in play. But Neil thinks Rupert Murdoch might not want the prize after all.