Recall Becomes Fodder for Game Show Network

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The Game Show Network (search) has found a reason to get into politics: the California recall, which will be spoofed in an October special.

"Who Wants to Be Governor of California? The Debating Game" will include a political debate produced in the style of a game show, the channel announced Monday.

"Politics is the ultimate game and the California recall election is one of the most bizarre contests in American history," Rich Cronin, president of the channel, said in a statement.

The channel said it is lining up five candidates to take part in the Oct. 1 program. The show will chronicle their campaigns and include a "wide-ranging" debate, including buzz-in answers and bonus questions, the channel said.

Officials say 195 people have submitted papers to run to replace Democratic Gov. Gray Davis (search), whose approval ratings have fallen to record lows.

The five will compete for a prize of $21,200, the maximum corporate campaign contribution allowed by California law, the channel said. The prize will go to the candidate in the group who receives the most votes in the Oct. 7 recall election.

"If the winning candidate/contestant is actually elected governor, Game Show Network promises not to ask for any political favors in exchange for the money," the channel said.