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TYRA BANKS, HOST OF "AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL": America's next top model is ... Adrianne.



JOHN GIBSON, HOST: Our next guest has built up quite a reality show resume after winning the first "America's Next Top Model." Now another first for Adrianne Curry: She is posing in Playboy magazine, just in time for Valentine's Day. She joins us now from Los Angeles.

Adrianne, welcome.


GIBSON: So you're a real reality show veteran, three of them, right?


GIBSON: The top model, "Surreal Life."

CURRY: More than I ...

GIBSON: More than you wanted to do?

CURRY: More than I wanted, but, you know, what can I say, people find me interesting. That's quite nice.

GIBSON: Well, evidently. So what do you think about them? Are you going to do another one? Are reality shows kind of a long-term gig?

CURRY: No, I'm not looking at reality shows as a longtime gig. I am, however, going into the second season of "My Fair Brady." And, you know, we are under contract. We are obliged. We have to. We would love to do this last season and maybe go down a different path. Start living a little life without cameras in it. That would be nice. But I learned in this business never say never because you can always eat your words.

GIBSON: Yes. If I have got this straight, you are engaged now to a Brady?

CURRY: Yes. Very happily. Although, I have to say, I try not to think of him that way. It would make life a little rough.

GIBSON: Well, there's an old picture. Can you pick him out there? Second from the right.

CURRY: Yes, he's the one with the incredibly big afro.

GIBSON: Yes. How is that working out today?

CURRY: Quite nice. You know, I look at pictures of him in his 20s, I would pass on the fro. Would never have dated him. In his 30s, he was sporting the mullet of the '80s. You know, now is the time for him. So his hair is short, a little crew cut action. I prefer it that way. Quite nice.

GIBSON: All right. Good. So what does he think about your gig in Playboy?

CURRY: You know, he was very supportive at first, but I will tell you, the day before it came out, he was having second thoughts. And it was pretty apparent. And I felt a little bad because it was the next day it was going to go national. So I was like, "Oops."

But he's come to terms, and he's comfortable with it. He always says that there are some people that should be naked and some who shouldn't. And he always dubs me as one who should.

GIBSON: Well, what do you think of the Playboy gig?

CURRY: For me the spread was extremely classy. It reminds me of, it kind of has the essence of Italian vogue. I was going for a little fashion sense as opposed to just yummy pictures. So I think it came off very classy, very sophisticated and artsy, and that's what I was going for. So I'm very happy with the results.

GIBSON: We shall see. Adrianne Curry in Playboy and, of course, long-term reality show star. Adrianne, thanks very much.

CURRY: Thank you.

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