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When you watch the Rush Limbaugh phony drama unfold, you might be asking yourself: Who started this phony war over the phony issue of so-called "phony soldiers"?

The answer: Not Rush Limbaugh.

It was started by a guy named David Brock who runs the online organization you're heard a lot about lately, Media Matters for America. Brock is a onetime conservative who wrote a book about his transformation from Clinton-hating muckraking author to conservative-hating crusader and Hillary Clinton confidante. They talk often, according to reports. And she claims to have co-founded Media Matters. In this transformation, he also discovered his true self and came out as a gay man.

Brock became a kneecapper for Hillary Clinton and George Soros. He first took office space in the office of John Podesta, former Clinton chief of staff, who was running the Center for American Progress, a Soros-funded left-wing organization. Brock began attacking conservatives.

A telling observation of Brock's Media Matters Web site is that the one thing it does consistently day in and day out is attack anybody who disses Hillary.

Media Matters clearly works in concert with other Soros left-wing hit teams, like MoveOn.org. When MoveOn stepped on its own toes sliming Gen. Petraeus, Brock and Media Matters swung into action looking for a conservative who would say something that could take the focus off MoveOn.

Enter Rush Limbaugh and the "phony soldier" discussion. Understand, Media Matters was so anxious to get the stink off MoveOn they made up the Rush controversy.

Rush was talking about a real phony soldier, Jesse MacBeth, whose lies were exposed days earlier by ABC's Charlie Gibson and Brian Ross. No question he is a phony soldier and that is what Rush was talking about. No matter to Media Matters. It was enough to invent a lie.

David Brock is Media Matters, so in this case that particular lie is all his.

That's My Word.

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