Raw Data: Ukraine Timeline

Major events related to the Ukrainian election crisis:

--Nov. 21: Ukrainians vote in runoff presidential election. Partial official vote tally shows Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych (search) narrowly ahead of opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko. Exit polls funded by Western governments show Yushchenko (search) leading Yanukovych.

--Nov. 22: Election officials declare Yanukovych has won, with 49.42 percent compared with Yushchenko's 46.70 percent. Foreign election observers say vote did not meet international standards, citing fraud in Yanukovych's favor. More than 10,000 opposition supporters gather in Kiev's main square in what becomes round-the-clock demonstrations by tens of thousands.

--Nov. 23: Outgoing President Leonid Kuchma, who supporters Yanukovych, calls for negotiations to end political crisis. Yushchenko declares himself the winner of the runoff.

--Nov. 24: Opposition leaders call for nationwide strike. Kuchma says Yushchenko supporters are trying to carry out a coup. The United States says it considers the results of the election illegitimate.

--Nov. 25: Yushchenko appeals to the Supreme Court to cancel official runoff tally. Court agrees to delay certification of the results, preventing Yanukovych from being inaugurated.

--Nov. 26: Kuchma, Yushchenko and Yanukovych meet with European envoys. Opposition protesters blockade the Cabinet building where Yanukovych works and refuse to let staff enter.

--Nov. 27: Ukraine's parliament declares the election invalid in a symbolic resolution. Representatives of Yanukovych and Yushchenko meet for negotiations.

--Nov. 28: Legislature in Donetsk, a Yanukovych stronghold, calls a referendum on autonomy, though it later backs off the plan. Opposition leaders demand Kuchma fire Yanukovych from prime minister position.

--Nov. 29: The Supreme Court begins considering Yushchenko's appeal. Kuchma proposes holding entirely new election, but not repeating the runoff as opposition demands.

--Nov. 30: Opposition supporters walk out of EU-mediated talks. Yanukovych says he could agree to new vote if Yushchenko also agrees not to take part, a proposal the opposition rejects. Russian President Vladimir Putin says the crisis must be resolved without foreign meddling.

--Dec. 1: Parliament brings down Yanukovych government in no-confidence vote. New talks between the two candidates show momentum toward holding a new ballot. Yushchenko says a revote could be held as early as Dec. 19.

--Dec. 2: Kuchma flies to Moscow for meeting with Putin, who denounces the opposition demand for a new runoff. President Bush warns against outside interference in any future vote. Yushchenko says supporters will "take adequate steps against the government" if no date is set for new recall vote.

--Dec. 3: Supreme Court begins deliberations after hearing final arguments on Yushchenko appeal.