Raw Data: Translation of Saddam Tape

The following is a rough translation of the purported Saddam tape aired July 29, 2003:

In the name of God some of the believers who died and some who are waiting to die and those who never change their promises [verses of Quran]. To all the Iraqi people and the army in God's name I give my condolences ...You my brothers and sisters and sons, the wish of all the fighters who believe in God ... Some of the souls who went to the Lord like a green bird to heaven which contains all the believers and those who God loves.

These people who stand like the previous martyrs give their souls for the sake of God. As believers they were sincere in the promises they gave themselves. We did give the soul and fortune and the sons for the sake of God and the country and the nation and the people. Your brothers Uday, Qusay and Mustafa are on the stand which makes God happy and makes the enemies mad.

In Mosul after a long fight of six hours, the army of the enemy who has all types of weapons, they could not get them until they used the aircraft. They took a stand which God gave the Hussein family this stance connect the present. A continuation of the fight.

I thank God for taking them as martyrs in his mercy and we hope God will place them with all the martyrs, after they gave everything.

You know, my brothers and sisters and believers of this great nation, the soul and the fortune is for God and the Arab state.

After we give our sons, the meaning has changed. If Saddam had 100 sons in addition to Uday and Qusay, he would give them in the same way because the righteous and the believers, they have the right to plead to God.

I give myself condolences and all the principles which we protect with martyrs' blood. God is great.

Heaven is for the believers and martyrs. Long live Iraq, Palestine and an Arab land from the river to the sea. Down with the Zionists.

To hell with the two liars [Bush and Blair] and their allies and followers.

The principal of the facts will arise. If you did kill Uday, Qusay and Mustafa and a fourth, all our people know they are on the battlefield.

God is great.