Raw Data: Statement by Howard K. Stern

Following is the text of a statement released in the Bahamas by Howard K. Stern.

In addition to the statement, there is a document concerning the sale of the house there to Anna Nicole along with a copy of her request for permanent residency.

"I cannot believe that in my grief stricken state that I find myself having to defend Anna Nicole's honor. It is incomprehensible that the Tribune in the Bahamas and later TMZ.com have published pictures that were stolen from Anna Nicole's house of Anna Nicole with the Hon. Shane Gibson and made scurrilous accusations regarding their relationship. However, I know in my heart that Anna Nicole would want me to set forth the truth about our relationship with the entire Gibson family.

As a little background, less than 24 hours after Anna Nicole's death, persons purporting to act on behalf of G. Ben Thompson, including his son-in-law Stancil (Ford) Shelly and Tracy Gurguson of Callenders & Co., came onto the property and the locks to the house were changed. As has been reported to the Royal Bahamas Police Force, some of these people were also seen removing numerous items from the premises.

When I returned to the house a day later, I learned that ALL of Anna Nicole's personal items had been stolen. These items included computers, external hard drives, mini dv tapes, and dvd'd --containing all of Anna Nicole's personal digital pictures and digital home videos, many of which are extraordinarily personal in nature.

All of Anna Nicole's personal documents were also stolen, including confidential contracts, banking information, attorney-client privileged documents and our daughter Dannielynn's birth certificate. Also stolen was a DVD of Anna Nicole's most recent movie "Illegal Aliens" that has yet to be released in theaters. Even paintings hanging in the nursery that Anna Nicole had painted for Dannielynn were stolen.

Upon my return, I also round pinned to a lamp next to our bed a piece of paper with the names and phone numbers of Stancil (Ford) Shelly, his wife Gina, Gaither Ben Thompon II and his wife Melanie.

I am absolutely certain that the pictures published in the Tribune and on TMZ.com are from an external hard drive that was stolen from Anna Nicole's house. I shot all of the pictures myself with Anna Nicole's camera, some of which I then transferred directly onto the hard drive that was stolen.

However, I transferred some of the other pictures first to my computer and then from my computer to the hard drive. Since my computer was with me, and not in the house at the time of the break-in, I still have the proof.

It absolutely sickened both Anna Nicole and I when the lies came out months ago about Minister Gibson supposedly coming over to the hourse to pick up a $10,000 check. Minister Gibson never came to the house to pick up the check, and in any event, the check was made out to the public treasury, not to him personally.

Ironically, we actually met Minister Gibson for the first time after Tracy Ferguson of Callenders & Co. advised us to do so. We had never met any member of the Gibson family prior to coming to the Bahamas. After our initial meeting, we shared a cordial, but not close, relationship with Minister Gibson prior to the death of Anna Nicole's son Daniel.

It was when Daniel passed away that we really came to know Minister Gibson, his wife Jackie, their wonderful children, his father King Eric, his mother Gerlene, and many of Minister Gibson's brothers and sisters.

The entire Gibson family --- not just Minister Gibson --- provided a great deal of emotional support to both Anna Nicole and I during a very difficult period. They came to the house to pray with us on too many occasions to count. Jackie helped in designing the program for Daniel's funeral. King Eric took us boating and came over and cooked for us and Gerlene came to the house to help us care for Dannielynn.

We never asked any member of the Gibson family to do anything illegal or in any way improper and none of them ever have done so.

I an honestly say that the Gibson family did all of these things out of the goodness of their hearts. They were genuinely concerned with the health and well-being of Anna Nicole, Dannielynn and I --- as many people in the Bahamas have been --- and I will forever be gratetful.

To suggest that any intimate or improper relationship between minister Gibson and Anna Nicole, particularly by publishing pictures that were stolen from Anna Nicole's house less than 24 hours after her death, is truly reprehensible.

Lawyers protecting Anna Nicole's interests are currently working with authorities in the Bahamas and the United States to prosecute all culpable individuals to the fullest extent of the law, to prevent the further dissemination of any illegally obtained material and to secure the return of all of the stolen items.

I can assure you that we intend to hold any individual, firm or entity that uses, reproduces and/or otherwise disseminates any item of personal property of Anna Nicole and/or her estate liable to the fullest extent of the law."