RAW DATA: State and Country Tracking of Swine Flu Cases

Key developments on swine flu outbreaks, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and government officials:

— Deaths: Global total of 83 — 74 in Mexico, seven in U.S., one in Canada and one in Costa Rica. Officials said victims from Canada, U.S. and Costa Rica also had other medical conditions.

— Confirmed cases: WHO says 40 countries have reported more than 9,830 cases, mostly in U.S. and Mexico. That figure does not include Taiwan, which reports its first confirmed case.

— CDC says 47 U.S. states and District of Columbia have combined 5,469 confirmed and probable cases. Most probable cases are eventually confirmed.

— The outbreak has switched from one initially linked to schools or travelers to one with true community-wide spread in much of the country, said CDC's Dr. Anne Schuchat. Twenty-two states are reporting widespread or regional flu activity, particularly in the Southwest and Midwest.

— Health officials say Missouri man with swine flu has died, and testing is under way to determine if the disease caused his death.

— New York City health department says tests show a 16-month-old boy who died after being hospitalized with respiratory symptoms indicate he wasn't infected with swine flu.

— WHO says drug manufacturers won't be able to start making a vaccine until mid-July at the earliest. The virus isn't growing very fast in laboratories, making it difficult for scientists to get a key vaccine ingredient.

_WHO urges drugmakers to reserve some of their vaccine for poor countries, asking them to donate at least 10 percent of their production or offer reduced prices for countries that could otherwise be left without vaccines if there is a sudden surge in demand.

— Inmates at Mexico City prison riot over restrictions on visits due to swine flu, burning mattresses, hurling rocks and damaging prison installations before riot police regain control. Nobody was injured.

On the Net:

CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu

WHO: http://sn.im/who-flu