Raw Data: Rep. Connie Mack's Second Letter to Former Rep. Joe Kennedy

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The following is the second letter from Rep. Connie Mack sent to former Rep. Joe Kennedy, provided by Mack's office.

Dear Congressman Kennedy:

Thank you for your prompt, albeit irrelevant response to my letter yesterday.

My point to you was simple — stop airing advertisements that portray Hugo Chavez (a self-avowed Communist who governs the Venezuelan people with the iron fist of a dictator) as a decent man serving a decent purpose.

But since you believe that standing side by side with thugs like Chavez is a sound business practice, perhaps you'll be willing to explain to the American people the nature of the relationship between Hugo Chavez and Citizens Energy Corporation.

What, exactly, is the financial arrangement between your organization and Hugo Chavez? How much money is being spent on your pro-Chavez advertising? Why are you using that money to promote the most dangerous man in the Western Hemisphere instead of using it to help improve the lives of the very people you purport to care so much about?

You know as well as I do that Hugo Chavez is destroying hope and opportunity in Venezuela. He's snuffed out basic freedoms, including the freedom of dissent, speech and press. He's formed alliances with Cuba, Iran, North Korea and others who seek to destroy the American way of life. He's engaging in a massive military build-up that far exceeds any legitimate defensive needs, and he has made it clear time and time again that he views America as his enemy.

While you might find redeeming qualities in communist dictators like Hugo Chavez, I assure you, most Americans haven't lost their common sense. They know Hugo Chavez. And they know that you should know better.

So I ask you again, why are you allowing yourself to be used as a public relations prop for the Chavez regime? Why won't you stop? And why won't you apologize to the American people for putting your self-interest above all else?

The American people and I anxiously await your answers.


Connie Mack

Member of Congress