Ratings Champ

Tuesday's show was full of interesting guests and plenty of unscripted actions.

We got off to a staler start in "FOX & Friends First" with Geoff Porter, an expert in the Middle East who also spoke Arabic. How do I know? Well, we had to cut to Lebanon (search) and the signs written in Arabic were quickly translated by Geoff. The demonstration by the way, is troublesome because this rally was for Syria's presence in that country and was an answer to the thousands who demonstrated for Syria's exit last week.

One of the bigger unreported stories was how Sly Stallone (search) — or just his people — bypassed an appearance of "FOX & Friends" despite having a show to promote. While we are always happy to have five-time champ Ray Leonard in his place, Sly broke his promise to come on. As for "The Contender" reality series, it's solid and the best hope to revive boxing since Mike Tyson came on the scene in 1985. Vitali Klitschko, the current WBC champ, also came by looking to talk about his home nation of Ukraine and his hopes of a title defense April 30. It's getting tougher and tougher to cover the Michael Jackson story and Tuesday was case in point. Having to talk about kids and underpants juts does not cut it as a family viewing but it was all on the network broadcast.

It's also been getting pretty tough to get up for the latest on Martha Stewart (search). She loves the free publicity and I think the story is just over. Let Martha go, America, so we can too!

Talk about dumb: How about the statement by Teresa Heinz Kerry intimidating that the GOP is controlling the voting machines — saying that's why her hubby, John Kerry, lost. Where is she getting her information from? An Italian Commie paper?

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