Rare Disorder Makes 6-Year-old Believe She's Starving 24 Hours a Day

A 6-year-old in Dallas is suffering with a rare disorder that leaves her constantly hungry, according to a report from CBS 11 TV.

Hannah McGee has a debilitating condition called Prader Willi Syndrome, a rare, genetic, non-inherited defect that causes immense hunger 24 hours a day. The condition affects one in 12,000 children.

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"Kids with Prader-Willi, at some point, they're never satiated," Kathryn McGee, Hannah's mother, told CBS 11. "They're always hungry. They're always thinking about food."

Prader-Willi is caused by a defect on the 15th chromosome, which controls the part of the brain responsible for hunger -- the hypothalamus.

Children plagued by this condition may not chew their food properly and will complain about being hungry even after eating a large meal. They often end up in group homes that help them deal with the condition. Hannah's family says she most likely will move to a group home when she's older.