Rapper Foxy Brown Charged With Battery After Beauty Shop Scuffle

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Foxy Brown spent a night in jail after police said she threw hair glue at a beauty shop employee and later swatted an officer, her second legal problem stemming from a salon scuffle.

The 27-year-old rapper left jail Friday afternoon after a $1,500 bond was posted for her, the Broward County Sheriff's Office said. She was charged with battery and resisting an officer with violence.

Brown's lawyer, New York state Sen. John Sampson, didn't return a phone call seeking comment Friday.

It wasn't immediately clear how her arrest Thursday would affect her sentence of three years' probation and anger management classes for attacking a pair of manicurists in New York City in 2004. The argument was about payment for a manicure at Bloomie Nails in Manhattan's Chelsea area.

According to the Florida arrest report, Brown was applying beauty products in the bathroom when a Queen Beauty Supply employee told her the business was closed and it was time to leave. She refused and threw hair glue at the employee, the report said. Brown then spat on the man as he called 911, staining his shirt.

A police officer found her in the shopping plaza and tried to get her to return to the store. When the officer placed a hand on her arm to escort her to the store, Brown swatted it away, then started swinging her arms and struggling with the officer, the report said.

The officer had to "use a takedown maneuver to gain control" of Brown, according to the report. No one was injured.

Brown's real name is Inga Marchand. Her albums include "Ill Na Na" and "Chyna Doll," and she is known for her sexy outfits and racy lyrics.

In December 2005, Brown's lawyer said the singer was almost completely deaf. She was undergoing treatment.