Radical Islam Still Wants You Dead

In his new column on FOXNews.com, Mike Baker writes that "terrorists come in all shapes and sizes." Not all of them look like Usama bin Laden, even if at times they smell like him.

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Mike's right: It's silly that we should be surprised the U.K. terror plot suspects are doctors. Fact is, the face of terror changes faster than our methods to identify it. Blowing up stuff isn't for bearded, virgin-obsessed losers anymore.

But there is one uniting factor: They're all radical followers of Islam who want you dead. Mainstream media, though, would rather focus on different backgrounds and countries and that these killers come from "all walks of life." It's as though terrorism is a Benetton ad, with delightful races and adorable faces. Instead of cashmere pullovers though, they're wearing suicide vests.

Even if the press wishes terrorism was a rainbow coalition, we know it's B.S.

Muslim fanaticism is the stain on all their sheets and it's one they proudly bear.

What's funny is the press can make fun of born-agains, but they won't come out against radical Islam. Is it because they're fearful of appearing intolerant? Or, do they know that making fun of a Western God won't get them beheaded at the local mall?

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