Quotes From Dem Presidential Debate

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Some comments from Democratic presidential candidates in Thursday night's debate:

"This administration has frittered away the goodwill, failed to go after Al Qaeda (search) and bin Laden, thumbed their nose at Old Europe and the international community, left our troops in the field without the resources they need and put us in a situation in which they have no answer for the American people how we can get out with honor."

-- Carol Moseley Braun (search)

"As commander in chief of the United States military, I will never hesitate to send troops anywhere in the world to defend the United States of America. But as commander in chief of the United States military I will never send our sons and daughters and our brothers and sisters to a foreign country in harm's way without telling the truth to the American people about why they're going there. And that judgment needs to be made first, not afterwards."

-- Howard Dean (search)

"When I am president of the United States, I will lead in a way that shows that America is strong, but at the same time that we will solve the world's problems with the rest of the world in a multilateral, coalition-building way that brings the power and force of the entire planet to the effort to solve the world's problems, because that is the most effective way to create respect for America."

-- John Edwards

"This president doesn't get it. He's a unilateralist. He thinks he knows all the answers. He doesn't respect others. Look, you got to respect other leaders. They didn't agree with us. You got to work with them, talk to them, put together the coalitions that we need. That's what I would do. That's what he should be doing."

-- Dick Gephardt

"Today, the question is one of how do we extricate ourselves from Iraq, and I believe the first step in that extrication is going to be to rebuild relations with our key allies. It's not just Iraq. It's the Kyoto treaty. It's the ABM agreement. It is agreement after agreement, which were critical to the maintenance of the victory of the Cold War and now to environmental sanity that this president has rejected. No wonder we have so much trouble getting support when we need it.

-- Bob Graham

"We have to recognize that there are enormous challenges to fairness in this country. It still costs Latinos too much just to cash a check, to buy a home. There is rank discrimination and we need to apply the laws. And I am going to do that from everything including remittances so people aren't charged exorbitantly when they send money to their families abroad."

-- John Kerry

"The only way that we can go back to trade which will work for the American people and for people all over North America is to make sure that we have workers' rights, human rights and environmental quality principles in trade. And by workers' right I mean this: the right to collective bargaining, the right to strike. ... The right to join a union, the right to decent wages and benefits, the right to a safe workplace, the right to a secure retirement."

-- Dennis Kucinich

"As president, I would have listened to the American military when they said we need more troops to secure Iraq. I would have gotten off of pride and hurt feelings and gone to the NATO and the United Nations and asked them to join us in securing and rebuilding this country. I would have brought the Iraqis into control of the country.

-- Joe Lieberman