Quit Complaining?

The issue of dissent in this country, particularly from those from other countries, is a very hot topic now. Joe and Sandy C., e-mail:

"What do you tell Native Americans (search) who say the same thing, leave? The only way anything ever gets better is through dissent. The love-it-or-leave-it is crap."

Joe and Sandy, I'm not saying love it or leave it. I’m saying, "Try it and don't knock it."

I look at it this way: If someone invites me over to dinner, I'm not going to complain. If that person went to the trouble to make the meal, who am I to criticize the meal? This isn't demagoguery, it's called decency.

It would be like me standing up in a London pub, after the owner treated me to a nice dinner, and me shouting at the top of my lungs, "This fish and chips stinks!"

Who would do that? You would.

Let me be clear: If you don't like our government, quit sponging off our government.

If you don't flip over our schools, quit applying to our schools.

If you find us arrogant, find some people who aren't arrogant.

If you don't like our system, stick to your system.

We are guilty of many things in this country. An incredible amount of patience is one of them. We let you prattle on without taking you on. No more. If you can't find anything good to say, please say goodbye.

Look, we are the world's melting pot, but right now we have a lot of crackpots.

Yes, I'm old-fashioned. I hold guests to a different standard. Disagree, but don't be disagreeable. And about now, you are way beyond disagreeable. You are rude and abrasive, cruel and condescending. You are everything you say we are in this country. Only you're saying it, while sucking up everything you can from this country.

You're not only rude guests. You're the rude guests who won't leave.

I'd like showing you the back of my hand. May I suggest instead, showing you something else.

The door?

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