Former U.S. president Bill Clinton (search) lost his cool during a BBC interview after being repeatedly asked if he was genuine in voicing regret over his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton bristled at continued questioning about the affair with the White House intern by veteran BBC interviewer David Dimbleby, according to British newspapers.

The Times said Monday that Clinton, known for being media savvy and cheerful in public, let out a rant that lasted several minutes.

"As outbursts go, it is not just some flash that is over in an instant. It is something substantial and sustained," said a BBC executive who viewed the interview, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Questioning Clinton: fair or foul?

A sample of your responses:

Totally fair to ask Clinton anything about this. He is trying to make sweep everything under the carpet but as the interview states he is the one that brings his affairs up so this is fair.
Dominic M.

So Clinton, when being interviewed by BBC, said "you guys don't care about humiliating the children of these people"... do you think anyone could have been more humiliated than Chelsea after his affair with Monica?
Kathy C.
Kemah, TX

He sure cared a lot about the little people he hurt at the White House Travel Office, etc. didn't he?
Steve P.
Midland, TX

After watching the clip, I thought, "Why do we think he's going to change?  He blamed others for all the things he 'didn't' do and continues to do so, are we so dense as to believe anything he says now?  Why are we so determined to see if the man has changed?  This chameleon cannot change colors as it is 'NOT HIS FAULT.'"
Bill Clinton has not ever and I do not think will ever accept responsibililty for the things he did. It's not Kenneth Starr's fault Clinton lied, it's his....
Food for thought...
Kari L.
Columbia, TN

Of course it's fair! This guy is such an attention addict, that he loses the right to pick what the media focuses on. The Reagans and the Nixons didn't parade themselves through the talk shows like the Olsen twins, so they preserved the right to talk about only what they wanted to talk about.
Lydia F.
Austin, TX

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