Putin Disappointed by North Korean Missile Tests

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President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia is concerned and disappointed about North Korea's missile tests, but stressed the need for diplomacy and a return to six-nation talks to defuse tension over Pyongyang's nuclear program.

The tests "should not lead to such emotions that would drown out common sense," Putin said during an Internet conference. We have to review the issue in all its entirety. We should be aiming to resuming the negotiation process with North Korea. ... We have to create an atmosphere that will lead to compromise."

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Putin said that his government had not confirmed that a missile had fallen a few dozen kilometers (miles) from the Russian port city of Nakhodka, adding: "We have not registered the landing of ... missiles in our territorial waters."

However, he said, "Tests of this kind cannot be considered normal because when all civilized countries, when they conduct these tests, they make known the place and time ... and they warn foreign ships."

He spoke after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned against threatening North Korea with sanctions after its missile tests, saying this would provoke a hostile response.

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