Oral surgeons in California will be able to perform plastic surgery, if a new bill under consideration in the state Legislature passes.

This controversial bill, authored by State Sen. John Burton, will give dental surgeons the right to do any type of plastic surgery on the face -- including nose jobs, face lifts and eye tucks.

Plastic surgeons are against the bill, saying dentists are only doing it for the money, are not qualified for this type of surgery and would be putting the patient in danger.

However, the oral surgeons pointed out they have years of training in operating rooms and that they routinely perform plastic surgery in emergency rooms. In fact, when a plastic surgeon is unavailable at a trauma center, it is dentists who do the facial reconstructions.

The military also favors letting dentists perform plastic surgery, as there are no plastic surgeons out in the field.

The new bill has already passed the state Senate and is tied up in committee, and it is headed next for the full Assembly.

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