Public Outrage Over Halted Boy Scout Drive to Aid Troops

A former Air Force veteran is among the hundreds of people who are outraged that a Boy Scout troop's Election Day drive to collect care packages for American soldiers in Iraq was stopped, claiming it was "political."

“This is outrageous,” Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, who spent 20 years as an Air Force pilot, told the Boston Herald. “Our troops serve willingly and selflessly to protect this country along with liberties such as freedom of speech.”

The big-hearted Scouts from Cambridge Troop 45 had placed donation boxes at the city's 33 polling stations in hopes of collecting toiletries, magazines, candy and other items after one of O'Connor's relatives was injured in an IED explosion while serving in Iraq.

But someone complained to the city, allegedly claiming the boxes were a “political statement,” and the boxes were removed.

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Video: Cops bust Boy Scouts for being too "pro-war."

Patterson is vice chairman of Move Forward America, a pro-Iraq war group that issued an "action alert" to its members notifying them of the incident, the Herald reported.