Psychic: Set of 'Grey's Anatomy' Plagued by Heavy-Set Ghost

Is “Grey’s Anatomy” cursed?

In the past few weeks, it has certainly seemed that way.

Last Thursday, cast member T.R. Knight was involved in a three-car accident in Hollywood that left two people hospitalized.

Yesterday, news broke of former cast member Isaiah Washington’s impending eviction due to nearly $100,000 in unpaid rent.

On the same day, police appealed to the public for help in finding the sister of "Grey's" actress Aasha Davis, who has been missing for six weeks.

Before these recent incidents, the show was plagued with controversy, most notably with actors like Katherine Heigl and Knight rumored wanting out, and Washington being fired for his use of an anti-gay slur.

But are all of these simply coincidence, bad luck, or... something else?

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“I believe there is a serious negative energy on that set,” Psychic to the Stars Nikki told “It’s not a curse, because those don’t really exist, but there is a hostile force at the location of their filming."

“Someone in the cast, maybe Mr. Washington, brought negativity from [his] past onto the set,” she added.

Nikki believes that the negativity is being made worse by a possible ghost on set.

“I believe there is a ghost … I’m seeing that as we speak. I see a heavyset man, balding … he may have been a janitor or facilities manager who worked in the area in the past,” she said.

According to Nikki, immediate action is necessary as the problems could result in physical harm to one of the cast members.

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“They need to change things on set immediately … I am seeing a fire at a home, or Sandra Oh on crutches.”

To solve the problem and eliminate any negative force, Nikki recommends Feng Shui, the use of crystals, bamboo and white candles for purity, as well as a cleansing of the area.

Reps for the show were not immediately available for comment.

We hope they're okay.