Prying Paparazzi Prompt Rielle Hunter to Call 911

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A newly released 911 call made by Rielle Hunter shows the extreme measures taken by the media to uncover details of John Edwards' affair with the videographer and to find out who fathered her 6-month old daughter.

The former presidential candidate admitted to the affair with Hunter, but denied he fathered her child.

According to Inside Edition, Hunter called 911 on August 5 saying she was being chased by paparazzi in California.

Here is an excerpt of the call:

Operator: 911

Hunter: Hi. I'm being followed by some paparazzi and it's extremely dangerous. I have a small child in the car with me. I just turned around and they’re still following me.”

Operator: And what are they doing?

Hunter: “They almost got in two wrecks following me. They are trying to take photos of me and completely harassing me.”

Operator: What is your name?

Hunter: Rielle Hunter.

On the tape, Hunter could be heard trying to protect the identity of her 6-month-old daughter Frances.

Operator: Why are they trying to take pictures of you?

Hunter: Because they are trying to prove someone is the father of my baby who's not. And they've been harassing me.

Inside Edition learned the photographer tailing her was later cited for making an illegal U-turn.

Click here to hear the 911 call.