A provisional list of the 30-member interim Afghan administration approved by four Afghan delegations meeting near Bonn, Germany.

The posts are followed by the names and, when known, their ethnicity and delegation affiliation.

Although faction leaders signed an accord on Afghanistan's political future, wrangling over who will fill the slots was continuing Wednesday, and last-minute changes were still being made.

The four delegations in Bonn represented the northern alliance, the Rome group of exiles loyal to former King Mohammad Zaher Shah, and two smaller exile groups based in Cyprus and Peshawar, Pakistan.


Hamid Karzai. Pashtun. Rome group.

Vice Chairs:

Women's Affairs: Sima Samar. Hazara. Rome group. One of two women named to the cabinet.

Defense: Mohammad Qassem Fahim. Tajik. Northern alliance.

Planning: Muhammad Mohaqqeq. Hazara. Northern alliance.

Water and Electricity: Shaker Kargar. Uzbek. Northern alliance.

Finance: Hedayat Amin Arsala. Pashtun. Rome group.


Foreign Affairs: Abdullah. Tajik. Northern alliance.

Interior: Younous Qanooni. Tajik. Northern alliance.

Commerce: Seyyed Mustafa Kazemi. Shiite. Northern alliance.

Mines and Industries: Muhammad Alem Razm. Uzbek. Northern alliance.

Small Industries: Aref Noorzai. Pashtun. Northern alliance.

Information and Culture: Raheen Makhdoom. Shiite. Rome group.

Communications: Abdul Rahim. Tajik. Northern alliance.

Labor and Social Affairs: Mir Wais Sadeq. Tajik. Northern alliance.

Hajj (Pilgrimage): Mohammad Hanif Hanif Balkhi. Shiite.

Martyrs and Disabled: Abdullah Wardak. Pashtun. Northern alliance.

Education: Ghulam Muhammad Yailaqi. Hazara. Rome group.

Higher Education: Sharif Faez. Tajik. Northern alliance.

Public Health: Suhaila Seddiqi. Tajik. Independent. One of two women named to the cabinet.

Public Works: Abdul Khaliq Fazal. Tajik. Rome group.

Rural Development: Abdul Malik Anwar. Tajik. Northern alliance.

Urban Development: Abdul Qadir. Pashtun. Northern alliance.

Reconstruction: Muhammad Amin Farhang. Shiite. Rome group.

Transport: Sultan Hamid Sultan. Hazara. Northern alliance.

Return of Refugees: Enayatullah Nazeri. Tajik. Northern alliance.

Agriculture: Seyyed Hussein Anwari. Shiite. Northern alliance.

Irrigation: Mangal Hussein. Pashtun. Peshawar group.

Justice: Abdul Rahim Karimi. Uzbek.Northern alliance.

Air Transport and Tourism: Abdul Rehman. Nuristani. Rome group.

Department of Border Affairs: Amanullah Zadran. Pashtun. Rome group.