Protesting the President

Obviously the most talked about part of our show was the interview with the mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson. President Bush is going to the city to speak at the American Legion convention and the mayor intends to join a protest against the president while he's there. Many people consider it unseemly.

We interviewed the mayor and he expressed his view that due to the importance of the Iraq war he felt it was his duty to protest the president and his policies. That's fine. He's entitled to his view. But then he decided to go off-topic and claimed the president favored torture. I asked him to give even one example. He could not and instead started shifting the topic and talking around it. I asked him for one example again. He then talked about how FOX News lies and went into what sounded like fairly predictable talking points. Those who watched e-mailed by the hundreds within seconds. They overwhelmingly were opposed to the mayor's actions. Here is a sample of both types of reaction:

June from Ocala wrote, "Have you heard of freedom of speech and expressions. Why do you ask someone on your show and then not give him a chance to express his views without a constant harangue… If you are going to debate someone let them know ahead of time and allot it extra time."

(Note: We had a computer-generated commercial break that forced a quick end to the segment.)

Timothy wrote, "Nice job keeping the story straight! I'm so sick of politicians speaking in generalities and no one ever asking for specifics. Obviously, his story didn't hold water and you put even more holes in it."

Jim from Columbus wrote, "If FOX News disagrees with the mayor's stance, then don't have him on, however you should let him speak without being ambushed… As a viewer hearing this story for the first time, I am left wondering what the facts are. I don't know if the mayor is supported or if this is simply a rogue mayor looking for press. Little substance was provided."

E. Hood from MS wrote, "We need to ask the mayor how he would like being tortured and killed by terrorist on our own soil. If our president had not done what he did, that would be our fate. We would have no freedoms and NO democracy. Where do these idiots come from?"

Another story about the mother who was arrested while driving her 15-year-old and his friends around town to vandalize 100 buildings generated a lot of interest… and some interesting other tidbits:

Debbie wrote, "You won't believe our story. My ex-mother-in-law vandalized my cars for four years. The last time she drove 2 hours to key our new car at a little league game. We are now taking her to court."

Judy in TN wrote, "Here in Brentwood a mother drove her son and several of his friends to TP the principal's house. They were caught and charged!"

AND, many of you wanted to know what product I was talking about that takes out every stain my children can create-including permanent marker. Since the network doesn’t officially sanction products, I've listed it and a link to purchase it on my Web site

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