Prosecutors Want to Try N.J. Boys Accused of Plotting School Massacre as Adults

Prosecutors want to try two boys as adults for allegedly plotting a killing spree starting at Winslow Township High School.

Acting Camden County Prosecutor James Lynch is seeking to have the cases of the 15- and 16-year-old boys moved to adult court, but he'll keep the cases of two other boys in family court.

All four boys were arrested April 5th and charged with plotting to kill classmates and others in a shooting spree that was to begin with a food fight in the cafeteria of Winslow Township High School, where three of the boys were students. They did not have weapons.

Authorities say more than 15 names were found on hit lists.

A judge will decide whether to move some of the cases to adult court after weighing whether the boys can be rehabilitated by the time they turn 19. If not, adult court is where they should be.