Prosecutors Considering Retrial in Cat Killer Case

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Prosecutors said Monday they are considering a retrial of the former minor league pitcher and actor who killed his girlfriend's cat.

Jurors deadlocked 11-1 on Friday at the felony aggravated animal cruelty trial of Joseph Petcka.

Petcka has said he didn't mean to hurt the cat, named Norman, but overreacted when he was bitten. The prosecution claimed he killed Norman in March 2007 while in a drunken, jealous rage.

"I guess I can just say be thankful for the one gentleman that, you know, listened to the truth that I was speaking about, and he believed that I did not act intentionally," Petcka said Monday on NBC's "Today" of the holdout juror.

Alicia Maxey Greene, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan district attorney, said the office "will consider all options, including a retrial."

Asked on "Today" about that possibility, defense attorney Charles Hochbaum said: "Well, it's going to be difficult, especially in light of the publicity, but we're convinced that we'll find New Yorkers who understand, and we believe that we'll come out victorious the next time."

Petcka, a former New York Mets minor leaguer, has acted in small roles and appeared on "Sex and the City."

If convicted, Petkca could have received up to two years in prison.