Prosecution Rests in Runnion Murder Trial

The prosecution rested its case Tuesday in the trial of the man accused of kidnapping and killing 5-year-old Samantha Runnion (search).

A computer expert testified that authorities found child pornography on a computer regularly used by defendant Alejandro Avila (search) at his mother's apartment.

Prosecutors have also presented DNA evidence (search), cell phone records and witness testimony over two weeks of testimony.

The defense was scheduled to begin presenting witnesses on Monday. Defense attorneys have suggested that DNA evidence may have been planted in Avila's car.

Samantha was snatched while playing outside her home in Stanton on July 15, 2002. Her nude body was found the next day in mountains 50 miles away.

Avila, a 30-year-old factory worker, was arrested three days after her disappearance. He is charged with kidnapping, sexually assaulting and killing Samantha and faces the death penalty if convicted.